Apricot macaron

  • Difficult
  • 55 minutes
  • 4 persons
  • Sweet pleasures


Macaron shells

  • -50 G almond powder
  • -50 G icing sugar
  • -18 G egg whites
  • -9 G water
  • -36 G granulated sugar
  • -1 tablespoon Orange dye

Creamy apricot

  • -100 G apricot fruit pulp
  • -20 G granulated sugar
  • -24 G egg yolks
  • -10 G cornflour
  • -46 G butter
  • -1 G gelatin
  • -4 Fresh apricots
  • -2 Beautiful branches of rosemary
  • -100 G of honey
  • -12 Beautiful raspberries


  • -200 G whipping cream 30% minimum fat
  • -20 G icing sugar

Preparation of the recipe

Macarons :

Mix the ground almonds and icing sugar then sift.

With a spatula, fold the raw egg whites to the mixture and smooth out perfectly.

Put the water and sugar to bake at 121 ° C.

Once at temperature, pour over the previously mounted whites at low speed and add the dye.

How quickly climb into the Italian meringue until cool.

Mix gently and then gradually the meringue mixture into the almond powder, icing sugar, egg whites.

Arrange the pastry bag on baking sheet and bake directly at 135 ° C for 12 minutes.

Creamy apricot : 

Blanch in a bowl the sugar, cornstarch and egg yolks with a whisk.

In a saucepan heat the apricot fruit pulp.

Soften gelatin in a glass.

After boiling the pulp pour the white mixture, mix well and put it all to boil in saucepan, stirring vigorously with a whisk.

Once boiled, add the gelatine and rid into a clean bowl before adding the butter.
roasted apricots

3 Cut apricots in 2 and remove the core.

Place the mumps in a plate to get rid of.

Cut fine rosemary pieces (reserve the points for dressage) and pierce the center of the mumps.

Pour honey on top and bake at 210 ° C for 2 minutes.

Let cool.

Dressage :

Remove rosemary apricots, cut in half and arrange on the plate (3 pieces per plate).

Garnish around the hulls of macaroons with creamy, put in a center with diced apricot apricot remaining close and put next roasted apricots (3 stars).

Make some tips Chantilly previously mounted.

Arrange harmoniously then raspberries, rosemary spikes and cooking honey apricots.

Recipe Mr Guggenbuhl - Restaurant "La Taverne Alsacienne"

Excerpt from the magazine "Passion Vin", Autumn 2015. Photo: JL Syren.

Ideal wine to accompany your Apricot macaron: