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390 hectares

Among the 390 hectares that compose its impressive heritage, the "Cave Jean Geiler" is very proud to count 10 famous Grands Crus out of the 51 terroirs listed in Alsace Grand Cru – the elite of the Alsatians terroirs. 

Aware of this incredible richness, the winery also selects other plots among its privileged terroirs and is inspired to create a complementary range of gastronomical wine: «the Terroirs».

Grape Varieties

Grape Varieties

In Alsace, there are 7 grape varieties. Alsace is one of the rare regions in France in AOC to name their wines according to the grape variety. 6 grape varieties give white wine:

Sylvaner: dry, fresh, light, slightly fruity and floral

Pinot Blanc: tender, fresh, delicate and greedy

Riesling: dry, lively and of a great fineness

Pinot Gris: full-bodied, opulent and attractive

Gewurztraminer: exuberant, powerfull, floral and spicy

Muscat: aromatic, fruity, fresh and crispy

Only one grape variety produces a rosé or red wine: the Pinot Noir, originally from Bourgogne. Made for those who like light and refined red wine. They will enjoy the red fruits aromas, the reddish color and soft tannin of this wine.  




The Alsace vineyard displays more than a dozen geological areas classified and listed by type of soil. Many of the Terroirs were born from the rich and tumultuous geological history of our region. Whether it is volcanic rock, pebble stone or sand at the bottom of the valley, this DNA is at the origin of the unique character of Alsatian wine.

Our job here consists to inspire ourselves from the energy and the potential of these privileged terroirs to elaborate wines, which such a prism, will reveal the singular character and the splendor of these plots through their flavors and intensity. We have called these wines “Inspiration Terroirs”. When they have a great ageing potential, they are bottled in a 12 sided bottle (facetted bottle) exclusively created for the Jean Geiler wine.

The "Inspiration Terroirs" wines can either come from :

  • Calcareous soils: located west of Colmar, these beautiful hillsides rise above Ingersheim. The wines from the calcareous soil present a great structure, power, and a few notes of citrus fruit.
  • Alluvial soils: at the bottom of the hills, this beautiful land of pebble stone and alluvium structures wine and is favorable to most Alsatian grape varieties.

The "Cave Jean Geiler" also uses other Terroirs such as the "Granite soils" that give wine great finesse and slight fruity flavor.